If you live in the Issaquah Highlands you can thank KC Parks and Americorps for your lack of invasives

‘Merica – Americorps lends KC Parks a hand

Americorps brought their hard work ethic and national pride to the slopes of the Issaquah Highlands. They went all Michael Bay on the Scot’s Broom (don’t bother correcting my grammar – look it up). Anywayyyyy, big shout out to the crew and our new volunteer coordinator for getting rid of pure invasive evil.

Field notes: South Utility/Mow Crew – At work, so you can play

Soos Creek Trail


Every once in a while someone takes time out of their busy schedule to send props to our crews and the work that they do. We forward these to the teams, but they don’t check mail much, because they are usually on to the next project. So instead of feeling like we just awkwardly missed a high five, we offer the much more stable fist bump to you dear reader/park user/the internets. Pay it forward.

I just wanted to compliment all the workers & all the work that was done on the trail last year. I had actually forgotten to send a note of thanks earlier. I commute to work by bike during the summer months & use the trail daily. I appreciate all the maintenance & improvements done by the workers last year & their kindness during my commuting. Everyone was so nice, patient & helpful. Thank you a million for all that you do!! It is appreciated even when we forget to tell you so.