Wilco Marymoor Park Concerts

Marymoor Park Concerts: Presale – Wilco

Wilco Marymoor Park Concerts

Wikipedia: Rolling Stone described Wilco as “one of America’s most consistently interesting bands” and “America’s foremost rock impressionists” (Honestly don’t even understand what that means). There you go.

If you are new to Wilco, know this, nothing you say to a fan will shower them with enough praise. Just sit back and listen as they explain what you are hearing. Seriously, fans are reading this right now simply because they saw “Wilco”. For all they new this could have been an ad for Columbia House. Click bait for music nerds. Well enjoy Wilco-maniacs, today is your day to get tickets. Do it now, because these are on sale to the general public tomorrow. Visit this page between 10 a.m. and 10 p.m. today only, and use “kingcounty” as your password. You don’t want to be the fan that missed that show.

We’ll leave you with this. A YouTuber says this clip “…makes your life worth livin’ when you here music like this.”

Empire of the Sun Marymoor Park Concerts

Marymoor Park Concerts: Presale – Empire of the Sun

Empire of the Sun - Marymoor Park Concerts

We’re not going to claim we know what you are in to, but we are sure that this qualifies as summer music. This, plus Marymoor as your venue, might have you ending your night with the outfit above, a bag of gummy bears, existential conversation, missing keys, a talking turtle and an unquenchable thirst that only the Hadron Collider can quench. Best night of your life.

Presale tix are right here people. Password is “kingcounty” No lines, but they are only available today – 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. Rest of the world gets their hands on them tomorrow. Be cool, stay in school, but get these tickets.

Tell us another park system that is getting you presale tickets. Admit it, we’re like that cool band teacher with the white wash jeans and the Camaro.

Cougar-Squak Corridor

Behind the Scenes at Cougar-Squak

Since it isn’t officially open until this June we thought we’d give you a look behind the curtain at the work going in to “The Corridor”. The work and the majesty, this place is gorgeous.

Lot of prep goes in to opening a property like this to the public, and as always, our BFF’s WTA (Washington Trails Association) are helping to share that burden…err blessing. As you can see above, they ain’t joking when it comes to engineering trails. Bucket brigade much WTA? [For those not in the know that’s the term for loading buckets full of rock and schlepping it from one part of a trail to another to reinforce sections or keep them dry. Your forearms will never be the same.]

If the gallery doesn’t get you through until June you can always pop over to Cougar’s Wilderness Peak trail and stare longingly over at the corridor.

Meadowbrook Bridge arson

Meadowbrook Bridge pulls a phoenix

Yes, like that phoenix. Rising from the ashes and whatnot. Last May the bridge fell victim to arson. Crews have begun repairs (an industrial version of scraping burnt toast). Displaced trolls are grateful to be returning home.

We now return to our regularly scheduled bridge programming:

  • Snoqualmie Valley Trail Bridge #29 Rehabilitation (located near Remlinger Farms)
  • Preston-Snoqualmie Trail Bridge #2 Repair (located near Lake Alice Road)
  • Tolt-MacDonald Park Suspension Bridge Repair
  • Tokul Trestle Rehabilitation Design

Imperial March your way over to some pre-sale tix for the Movie Music of John Williams

Our beloved partner AEG is offering up some pre-sale tickets for The Movie Music of John Williams with the Seattle Symphony at Marymoor Park Concerts. If you are down, and you know you are, follow this link and use the password “kingcounty“. Now don’t get cocky kid, getting passed those imperial blockades isn’t like shooting womp rats back home. This offer only lasts from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. today. We don’t give these things out to any old nerf-herder.

Move along.

This is probably what the scene will be at Marymoor. Minus droids of course.

This is probably what the scene will look like at Marymoor. Minus droids of course.

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